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Enabling Real-Time Enterprises…………

SIETEC has positioned itself to deliver several solutions that bridge the gap between plant floor and enterprise information systems. These solutions help the plant personnel and management gain insight into their operations in real-time and help them improve their profits.

The core solutions are divided into four major segments:

Process Management

  • Plant data historisation, data-mining and visualisation
  • Convergence of plant data from different data sources; valuable information reports
  • Alarm Analysis and reporting
  • Plant data analysis and mathematical modelling
  • Data Reconciliation and validation

Operations Management

  • Plant Inventory Management & Accounting.
  • Production Analysis.
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems.
  • Custom manufacturing and business portals; dashboards and KPI monitoring.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Energy Analysis.
  • Production Scheduling and Management.

Asset Management

  • Preventive maintenance management; Work order management.
  • Monitor equipment downtime and efficiency.
  • Inventory/Warranty management; reduce inventory level and purchasing costs.
  • Smart linking between plant floor DCS/SCADA systems to enterprise level asset management systems so that Operators are able to generate, manage and schedule maintenance activities from their regular HMI.

Enterprise Management

  • Seamlessly integrate plant floor data to Enterprise systems like Microsoft Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle Manufacturing, JD Edwards etc.
  • Integrate multi-site energy and operations data to ERP systems.
  • Synchronize operations management systems to ERP.
  • Implementation of ERP systems for Asset Management and Project Management.

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