Intelligent Building Management Systems
SIETECH Solutions can design and deliver Open and Integrated Building Management Systems that connect, monitor and coordinatedisparate building automation systems and multiple sites.

Engineers at SIETECH are highly experienced in implementation of:
  • Automation for HVAC Systems.
  • Gateways for BACNET, MODBUS systems.
  • Protocol conversion for third party systems like Fire Protection, Access Control, Security, etc.
  • Asset Management Systems for facilities.
  • Energy Management Systems for buildings, facilities.
  • Load Shedding and Power Generation Control.
Solutions from SIETECH help bridge the gap between building automation systems and facilities management systems. This connection helps facility managers to reduce operating costs, thus improving margins while at the same time increasing visibility, control and standardisation of their facility. SIETECH Solutions can help the facility owners to:
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Optimize energy consumption.
  • Maximize efficiency.
  • Improve Asset Utilization.
  • Reduce environmental impact.
SIETECH Solutions has tied up with international partners for thermal storage systems to reduce the energy consumption on cooling systems.

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