Automation Devices
SIETECH Solutions in India represents SIXNET from U.S, a leading Industrial Networking and Automation Solutions Company . SIXNET’s range of Automation Devices include rugged Industrial RTUs, Ethernet I/O, Surge protectors.

Sixnet’s rugged RTUs and I/O provide a simple yet powerful means to reliably monitor and control remote sites around the clock in the harshest environments. Our compact automation systems can start small and grow as needs increase without requiring hardware replacement. Virtually unlimited scalability means organizations have fewer restrictions on the number of remote sites or devices that are supported. "Best of both worlds" programming combines Windows ease of use with the future-proof security of an embedded Linux OS.

SIETECH uses SIXNET’s rugged RTUs and designs and builds customizable “Off-The-Shelf” integrated Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) systems for remote monitoring of:

  • Electrical Sub-stations, Transmission & Distribution using IEC61850, IEC60870-5, DNP3, MODBUS over WAN, Internet and Intranet;
  • Water Pumping Stations, distribution metering; On-shore and Off-shore drilling & exploration;
  • Cross-country pipe lines;
  • Cellular communication towers;
  • Wind mills and solar power stations;
  • Vehicle movement in the transportation industry (with built-in GPS).

Some of the salient features of our customized RTUs are:

  • Integrated battery back-up with automatic recharging based on solar cells.
  • Integrated communication modems for 3G, GSM, GPRS, Leased Line and more.
  • Extremely rugged and versatile RTU and I/O cards from Sixnet, USA, (-30 to 70 deg C operating temperature);
  • Fault tolerant I/O bus configuration;
  • Web-based configuration & troubleshooting;
  • Logic programming based on open standards (ISAGRAF);
  • 1 millisecond polling of I/Os;

The Software is a easy-to-use GUI and provides system-wide view .Configuration wizards support datalogging and alarming Open programming software supports IEC61131-1 languages:

  • Sequential Function Chart
  • Ladder Diagram
  • Structured Text

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